Make sure that you can run ANT from a console without making any changes to the environment settings.

To install AntRunner, copy the JAR files into the directory under your JBuilder installation directory. In the following table, ${JBuilderHome} refers to the root directory of the JBuilder installation and ${ANT_HOME} to the directory of your ANT installation.

File Destination
antrunner.jar ${JBuilderHome}/lib/ext
log4j1.2.8.jar ${JBuilderHome}/lib/ext
antrunnerdoc.jar ${JBuilderHome}/doc
antrunnerlogger.jar ${ANT_HOME}/lib

AntRunner 2.0 tries to find the correct shell command for your system. It should not be necessary to make changes to your system to run ANT via AntRunner. In addition it is possible to modify the shell command using a GUI.
If you encounter problems the following tips may help you to find a solution.

For users of Windows 9x systems

You may receive an 'Out of Environment Space error' when starting AntRunner. To solve this problem have a look at;EN-US;q230205.

Thanks to F. Wolff for that hint. 

For users of Windows ME systems

Thanks to Chris Wilper for this hint

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