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AntRunner is an integration of the ANT build tool from the jakarta project into the JBuilder IDE from Borland. JBuilder supports ANT since version 7 where the support was restricted to users of the professional version. JBuilder's support for ANT increased but is still not optimal. AntRunner was invented by Dieter Bogdoll to give developers of the early JBuilder releases a chance to use ANT in their projects. With AntRunner it is possible to integrate all ANT version since JBuilder 4. I think that AntRunner still has some advantages over the built in solution and the development continues.

AntRunner ist hosted at Source Forge. You can get more information about AntRunner under http://sourceforge.net/projects/antrunner.

I hope you'll find everything you need to use AntRunner on these sites. If you are missing something, have a look at the contacts and send me a mail.

If you are curious how AntRunner looks like, you can have a look at some screenshots. This page contains only some miniaturized images with approximately 12K size (all together). You can enlarge them if you want to.

help wanted

Unfortunately I don't have much time to develop AntRunner. I do it in my spare time. If you are interested to keep this project alive, feel free to contact me. It is not necessary to participate in the project. Your patches and enhancements are welcome.

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